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the overthrow of government is a crime
overthrowing it is something else
altogether, it is sometimes called
but don’t kid yourself : government
is not where it’s at : it’s only
a good place to start :
1.    kill head of Dow Chemical
2.    destroy plant
to build again.
i.e., destroy the concept of money
as we know it, get rid of interest,
savings, inheritance
(Pound’s money, as dated coupons that come in the mail
to everyone, and are void in 30 days
is still a good idea)
or, let’s start with no money at all and invent it
 if we need it
or, mimeograph it and everyone
 print as much as they want
 and see what happens

declare a moratorium on debt
the Continental Congress did
‘on all debts public and private’

& no one ‘owns’ the land
it can be held
for use, no man holding more
than he can work, himself and family working

let no one work for another
except for love, and what you make
above your needs be given to the tribe
a Common-Wealth

None of us knows the answers, think about
these things.
The day will come when we will have to know
the answers.

—p.18 by Diane di Prima 1 year, 8 months ago