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PERSON: [reading from the card] … ‘egregore’.

THE INTERROGATOR: Do you know what it means?

PERSON: Do you?

THE INTERROGATOR: Of course I do. It’s a collective work of imagination made real through ritual. The Roman Catholic Church is an egregore. The limited liability corporation is an egregore… or was. The Fourth International… well, you need a critical mass, you see, if you want people to believe as they do at Mass. An egregore is an occult concept that some Surrealists used to use as an excuse not to build the party. Capitalism was this amorphous, totalising thing, so the only way to destroy it was to disrupt its ritual by running through the streets in dumb costumes. [sneers] Surrealists were so fucking playful.


—p.225 The Person Who Was Followed Around By Men in Pig Masks: A Play in One Act (221) by Nick Mamatas 2 years, 7 months ago