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‘Let’s just bear in mind,’ said Hugo, ‘that much as you might like to throw your weight around with regards to offering or withdrawing your support for my campaign, which I assume is what you’re implying with all this vague talk of interests, your project is going to take a hell of a lot longer to complete than mine, and while you’re completing it you’re going to want someone who’s sympathetic to your cause in a position where they might actually be able to help you, so let’s stop pretending that my getting elected is solely of benefit to me.’

‘Of course,’ said Jones. ‘But let’s also not pretend that you’re the only one who can help.’

Hugo thought about this for as long as he could manage without giving the impression he’d been thrown by it.

‘Hang on,’ he said. ‘How many people are you backing?’

‘Like I said, Mr Bennington. We’re very much results driven.’

it's small but i kinda like it

—p.216 by Sam Byers 3 years ago