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MR. LUNGBERG: Don't quite a few people live around there?

GOVERNOR: Relocation. Eminent domain. A desert respects no man. Fits with the whole concept.


MR. OBSTAT: Hey, my mother lives right near Caldwell.

GOVERNOR: Hits him, eh Neil? Part of the whole concept. Concept has to hit home. Hewing is violence, Neil. We're going to hew a wilderness out of the soft underbelly of the state. It's going to hit home.


MR. LUNGBERG: Well, Ohio is a pretty white state: the roads are white, the people tend to be on the whole white, the sun's pretty bright here. . . . What better contrast than a hundred miles of black sand? Talk about sinister. And the black would soak up the heat a lot better.

pure comedy

—p.54 4 (53) by David Foster Wallace 4¬†years, 6¬†months ago