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When I’d moved into the homeless shelter, I had called Melissa, one of my oldest friends, and she listened as I went through my plans for rebuilding my life. Nearly all of those plans involved the help of some form of government assistance: food stamps, WIC checks for milk, gas vouchers, low-income housing, energy grants, and childcare.

“For what?” I asked, peeping through the shelter’s worn blue curtain at a deer walking through the backyard. Mia napped in the next room.

“My tax money’s paying for all of that,” she said, then repeated, “so you’re welcome.”

i've said this before but i really do think that the idea of "post-tax" income is incredibly misleading and awful. taxation is destruction! not redistribution! all labour markets are artificial!

—p.110 by Barbara Ehrenreich, Stephanie Land 4 years, 2 months ago