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The Silicon Valley tropes around who becomes successful [...] young, single guys hacking all night, night after night, in a race to achieve their billion-dollar dreams. No families, no wives, no relationships, no real anything except the Product and the Dream. [...] Those young men have achieved great things - witness Facebook, Google, Apple. But just because those companies were successful doesn't mean the model isn't fundamentally flawed or that success can't be achieved in other ways. As in any industry or institution, tech's habits and norms were created by those who were there first. And those habits are hard to change, especially when the companies are bringing in billions upon billions of dollars. It stands to reason that if more types of people were given a shot, the tech industry might boast even more success stories.

i like the reasoning here, though i dont really like the implication that success = multi-billion-dollar valuations

—p.221 Chapter 7 (206) by Emily Chang 5¬†months, 3¬†weeks ago