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"The union?" the woman asked after he introduced himself.

"Like I was saying, ma'am, I'm here because workers from all over the state are coming together -"

"Let me guess. To take out of my pocket? To pay people like you?"

"No, ma'am, they're coming together because -"

"Look at you." She considered him. "You don't look much more than a boy. What's your name, son?"

"My name?" the boy repeated.

"Who are you?" she asked. "How about we start there."

"I don't see how that matters," he whispered, shrinking back. The woman's eyes - they seemed to drill right through.

"It matters plenty, son," she said wearily. "It's practically the whole goddamned thing."


—p.61 The Union Organizer (55) by Alex Gallo-Brown 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago