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Indian citizens are the only international workers who can also earn cash for their MTurk ghost work. There's no reason for this other than the fact that Amazon's multinational holdings allow it to operate and transfer money between its U.S. and India office locations. India's MTurk workers could opt to fill up an Amazon gift card, thoguh the company doesn't reliably deliver to many of India's sprawling, informal neighborhoods. If a worker in India wants to move their money to a personal bank account, they must first hand over their birth date and a scanned copy of their permanent account number (PAN) card, the equivalent of a U.S. social security number. [...] Amazon can, for an additional fee, cut paper checks or offer direct deposits to India's MTurk workers.

fuck this

—p.15 by Mary L. Gray, Siddharth Suri 3¬†years, 7¬†months ago