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In response I told Wieser that unless we received a sign from the creditors that they were serious about a compromise on the reform agenda and a sensible fiscal policy made possible by meaningful debt restructuring, we would not reach 30 April without a default to the IMF. ‘Independently of our preferences and political will,’ I said, ‘our liquidity will run out well before then.’

He replied that we could last much longer by plundering the reserves of non-governmental but publicly owned institutions such as pension funds, universities, utility companies and local authorities.

‘And why would we want to do that?’ I asked. If the creditors showed no interest in negotiating in good faith, why should we continue to extract yet more flesh from the scrawny body of our society in order to service a debt to the IMF that even it considered to be ultimately unpayable?

hell yeah let all those old people die, they're not contributing to the economy anyway

—p.327 Invincible spring (150) by Yanis Varoufakis 1 year, 1 month ago