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Blaine Cook: Rabble was pretty bored of working at Odeo and distracted in all sorts of different ways.

Rabble: I’m an anarchist. I think we should have a revolution and we should restructure and we should have democratic control and decentralized worker cooperatives and everything else.

Ev Williams: It’s hard to manage anarchists.

Biz Stone: They wore shirts that said ANARCHY. And then they would ask questions to all of Odeo, like, “What’s a good hedge fund to invest in?”

Rabble: I was waiting around for my stock options and ready to move on and had enough of the dot-com thing. I felt like I wasn’t changing the world enough.

Biz Stone: Those guys were a pain in the ass. They would specifically sit down during a stand-up meeting—on purpose! There was one stand-up meeting where they were sitting down and Ev was like, “Guys, please, I need everyone here by ten a.m.” Because everyone was showing up at noon or whatever. And one of the guys raised his hands and said, “I have a question.” And Ev was like, “Yes?” And he said, “What’s our motivation?” And Ev just lost it. Ev just yelled out, “It’s your fucking job!!”

lmao this is hilarious

—p.395 Twttr (387) by Adam Fisher 1 year ago