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  • We consider all of you part of the Solo Cup Family, and we appreciate your work and dedication very much.
  • Anyone who feels they are being treated unfairly should talk to me personally, and I promise to look into it and correct any problems.
  • The union only wants your dues money. They don't care about you or your families like we do. They will force us to use their corrupt insurance scheme instead of what we give you in benefits.
  • They know nothing about making paper cups. Their other members make dolls and toys.
  • Pay and benefits must keep us competitive. Sweetheart Cup is breathing down our neck. The success of this union venture could mean the end of your job.

amazing anti-union memo from the Solo Cup factory owners (John Hulseman)

had a thought: what if a company is in cahoots with their competitor to keep wages low? (aaaah yes exactly what the tech companies did)

—p.97 1979-1980: This Is What We Do! (87) by David Ranney 2¬†years, 5¬†months ago