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"Well, what did you think was going to happen? After you broke everything? Really? What did you think? That everything would magically take care of itself? That this network of yours would somehow provide all the answers?"

"We didn't pretend to have answers. Not for everything. That wasn't what we were fighting for. We were fighting for people to be able to decide things for themselves, Grids. To start again. We were fighting for self-determination -"

"Well then, you got what you wanted. Self-determination? You're looking at it." [...] "[...] Lots of gangsters and warlords and fucking terrified people trying to look after themselves, trying to protect their own, and fuck everybody else. Me and all the other chancers and yardies that have carved this city up between us, trying to look after their own little bit of turf and their own people. Your self-determination is a fucking power vacuum, that's all it is. Your revolution, with no idea of what would happen next, just created a massive hole of people fucking each other over just to stay alive."

—p.320 by Tim Maughan 3¬†years, 9¬†months ago