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So, similarly, finance may never have a moment when a financial asset accurately and unproblematically refers to a real-world value (whatever that is, and we would have good reason to question anyone who proposed that there is some accurate measure thereof). And, indeed, as we shall discuss, this is the fundamental root of its crises. But finance as a sector, in spite of this, is useful. It is useful because, as I shall illustrate, it is an essential element of capitalist accumulation, in spite of its problematic relation to the reality it aims to measure. In the same way as metaphor facilitates and occludes social violence, finance disciplines and (mis)measures the financialized capitalist economy, with typically tragic consequences.

—p.22 The Reproduction of Fictitious Capital: The Social Fictions and Metaphoric Wealth of Financialization (15) by Max Haiven 2 years, 10 months ago