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[...] Github works via the encouragement of contribution. Some of this encouragement is achieved through an efficient and useful system, via the extension adoption of user experience design, contemporary 'flat design'-style graphic design and, of course, a cartoon mascot. Equally, the site operates by numerous types of granularity of access to analytics. There are numerous 'social' features such as letting you view the repos 'people you may know' have starred [...] we have the archive also operating as a matrix of capture and semiotization devices driven by the imperatives to rate, share, participate! As an economic factor, such hyper-auditing devices allow the site to become a means of finding an hiring programmers; Git and Github profiles become key to coders' CVs as a means of displaying the productivity, uptake and significance of the work produced. In this way, as in others, the archive is a site of production, an engine for the development of new software that involutes the sense or the archive as a repository of the unchanging past. Storage becomes the site of production when the form of production is variation.

need to think about insightful the last bit really is, but it is cool to read about GitHub from this kind of theoretical perspective

—p.78 Big Diff, granularity, incoherence and production in the Github software repository (69) by Matthew Fuller 1¬†year, 2¬†months ago