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Ev immediately dropped the gauntlet.

"You can either be a dressmaker or the CEO of Twitter," Ev said. "But you can't be both."

Although Jack worked hard, coming into the office well before anyone else arrived, he often left at around 6:00 P.M. to attend to one of his extracurricular activities. For a while he had taken drawing classes, sketching nudes in his notepad. He attended hot yoga classes, rushing off after work to contort his body into downward dog and sweat out the stresses of the day. He had also been taking classes at a local fashion school to learn how to sew, still contemplating a future career in fashion. He loved sewing and enthusiastically set out to learn how to make an A-line skirt for his first class assignment. The eventual goal was to make his own pair of dark jeans, maybe even end up working for his favorite jeans maker one day, Earnest Sewn in New York City.

this is hilarious but on another note, doesn't it kinda feel like Nick Bilton knows nothing about yoga except the buzzword "downward dog"? how could you call that a "contortion"

—p.121 JACK (81) by Nick Bilton 4¬†years, 6¬†months ago