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From a wider global angle, the GCC view seeks to understand "the unequal distribution of rewards among the various activities that constitute the single overarching division of labor defining and bounding the world economy." This is a critical approach, grounded in political economy (and neo-Marxist notions), which is rather different from the focus on "global value chains" (GVCs) and "supply chain management" (SCM) that seems to have subsumed much of the initial scholarly energy behind this field. [...]

[...] we argue that a "lengthened" GCC approach (which begins with extraction and focuses on global logistics) offers insight into ways that workers and social movements can exploit choke points to resist the power of capital and states. Indeed, there are well-known historical disruptions that fit our rubric, in particular some famous global coordinated actions by dockworkers in the twentieth century. [...]

cites Giovanni Arrighi and Jessica Drangel, "The stratification of the world economy" (1981)

—p.20 Labor and Social Movements’ Strategic Usage of the Global Commodity Chain Structure (19) by David A. Smith, Elizabeth Sowers, Paul S. Ciccantell 9 months, 2 weeks ago