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Right speech doesn't rely on judgment or discriminative thinking. In judging we weigh everything out. We base our speech on some conceptual frame that we've arranged to accommodate ourselves and process ideas--like, for example, that the Gestapo are inherently bad, and the people upstairs are inherently good. This is precisely the thinking that got us into trouble in the first place. Indeed, it's the very thinking that produces both the Gestapo and the fugitives.

Instead, we have to simply see the situation in all its pain, conflict, difficulty, and contradiction, and see how it is we become so confused. Then, and only then, can we speak and act in a way that's conducive to awakening.

ties into the way I think about redpilling - sometimes it's more complicated than "you are in the matrix and machines are bad"

being able to reconcile complicated and perhaps contradictory ideas

—p.79 by Steve Hagen 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago