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[...] I define neoliberalism as a specific mode of capitalist production (Marx), and form of governmentality (Foucault), that is characterized by the following specific factors:

  1. The dominating influence of financial institutions, which facilitate transfers of wealth from everybody else to the already extremely wealthy [...]
  2. The privatization and commodification of what used to be common or public goods [...]
  3. The extraction, by banks and other large corporations, of a surplus from all social activities: not only from production (as in the classical Marxist model of capitalism) but from circulation and consumption as well. Capital accumulation proceeds not only by direct exploitation but also by rent-seeking, by debt collection, and by outright expropriation ("primitive accumulation").
  4. The subjection of all aspects of life to the so-called discipline of the market [...]
  5. The redefinition of human beings as private owners of their own "human capital". Each person is thereby, as Michel Foucault puts it, forced to become "an entrepreneur of himself." [...]

good overview

—p.7 Introduction to Accelerationism (1) by Steven Shaviro 4¬†years ago