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Two weeks later the Haitian government announced election results from this region, with UN blessing: government wins 62 percent of the vote, opposition parties 38 percent. I watched all the ballots burn before anyone had counted them; they were still bound in boxes. I wrote a memo to UNHQ detailing the fraud. They answered that because my memo was transmitted without the signature of my boss, it was not an official communication, so therefore headquarters could not officially respond to my memo. [...]

November 1995, Port au Prince

I'm just now starting to realise how much this book affected the way I see the world. My MUN resolution (at THIMUN Singapore?) on accountability within the UN was almost entirely based on what I learned from this book, and it provided the basis of my focus on institutional/structural issues (which I feel leads nicely into understanding capitalism)

—p.230 Condition Delta (191) by Kenneth Cain 1¬†year, 4¬†months ago