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[...] If you took away Christ's divinity, you were left with "Kum Ba Ya." You were left with "Let's hold hands and be nice to each other. Jesus' authority as a teacher--and whatever authority Mutton and company had as followers of his teachings--rested on his having had the balls to say, "I am the fulfillment of the prophecies, I am the Jews' gift to mankind, I am the son of Man," and to let Himself be nailed to a cross to back it up. If you couldn't take that step in your own mind, if you couldn't refer to the Bible and celebrate communion, how could you call yourself a Christian?

"That bee that hovers so close to the open window but never actually goes outside but instead just rests behind the curtain buzzing." (Shafik Mandhai‏ on Twitter)

—p.80 Then Joy Breaks Through (52) by Jonathan Franzen 4 years, 6 months ago