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However, Kiva’s emphasis on providing small microloans only semi-directly (that is, through microcredit institutions) to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries has almost nothing to do with actually fighting poverty. The “Kiva experience” is much more about Kiva supporters seeking a form of personal gratification by donating a small sum, as well as validation that their ideology (capitalism) actually works.

the inevitable question is then: well, even if Kiva isn't perfect, surely it's better than doing nothing at all? surely an easy, passive donation to Kiva is better than nothing? the answer might just be: no. it's not better than nothing. there is no easy or passive way to legitimately feel like you're making a difference. this sort of personal gratification requires either difficult sacrifice (in terms of time, and ideology) or self-delusion. what would be better than nothing is neither easy nor passive, and it requires transforming the entire structure

—p.19 The Power of a Dollar (9) by Milford Bateman 3 years, 7 months ago