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[...] needs are dynamic, and especially in capitalism; that what is ‘necessary’ for life is to a large extent socially defined, i.e., necessary only for social life in a given society; and that outside of the limiting case of complete deprivation, scarcity is neither absolute nor open-ended but socially contingent and constructed. [...]

If human needs are not fixed but fluid and socially and historically contingent, it must follow that scarcity is, to a considerable extent, a matter of collective imagination, and the more so the richer a society ‘objectively’ is. The insight that it is importantly imaginations that drive economic behaviour – imaginations that, other than material necessities, are inherently dynamic – points to a cultural-symbolic dimension of economic life. [...]

—p.209 How to Study Contemporary Capitalism? (201) by Wolfgang Streeck 6 years, 10 months ago