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[...] Capitalism and democracy thus seem to simultaneously support and undermine one another: while an economic equilibrium is necessary for a democratic society to reap the collective benefits of private capital accumulation, it is put at risk by the very same policies that are needed to make private capital accumulation socially acceptable; and while a political equilibrium is needed to generate consent also with capitalism, it is threatened by the policies that are required for economic equilibrium. Democratic governments under capitalism, this implies, are faced with a dilemma between two systemic crises, one political, the other economic, where managing one of them is possible only at the price of rekindling the other, forcing politics to move back and forth between them, in the hope that the crisis cycle will allow them enough time to regroup for addressing the inevitably emerging new problem caused by the most recent solution

—p.192 Comment on Wolfgang Merkel, ‘Is Capitalism Compatible with Democracy?’ (185) by Wolfgang Streeck 6 years, 8 months ago