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Under the sign erected every May above the outer highway reading IT'S SPRING, THINK FARM SAFETY and through the north ingress with its own defaced name and signs addressed to soliciting and speed and universal glyph for children at play [...] and then hard left along the length of a speed bump into the dense copse [...] along the north park's anfractuous roads [...] skirting the corrugate trailer where it was said the man left his family and returned sometime later with a gun and killed them all as they watched Dragnet and the torn abandoned sixteen-wide half overgrown by the edge of the copse where boys and their girls made strange agnate forms on pallets [...]

description of toni ware, embedding human tragedy in factual input in a way that might be lost or glossed over

something similar but for Silicon valley woes? startups dying, corruption, people breaking down, homelessness caused by rent going up

—p.55 §8 (55) by David Foster Wallace 6 years, 8 months ago