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In the last analysis, the euro and its crisis should not be treated, or at least not primarily, as a problem of European unity, but rather as a subtheme of the pressing question of a functional monetary order for the capitalism, perhaps the post-capitalism, of the twenty-first century. Since the end of Bretton Woods, there is no longer agreement in the capitalist world as to how such a monetary system would look, one that would do justice to the interests and capacities of the highly different countries now participating in the global economy. The crisis-prone nature of present-day financialized capitalism arises not least from this circumstance. Among the necessary subjects of the global monetary reform that should long have been on the agenda is not only the present, completely inadequate exchange-rate regime, but also the replacement of the dollar as reserve currency, the global regulation of money and credit creation, and oversight not only of the banks, but also of hedge funds and other firms in the overblown financial sector. [...]

—p.liii Preface to the Second Edition (vii) by Wolfgang Streeck 6¬†years, 7¬†months ago