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[...] and there it was again, the snatch of forced air-music that Sylvanshine couldn't place but made him want to leave his seat and go chase something on foot in the company of all the children in the neighborhood, all of whom come boiling out of their respective front doors and hotfooting it up the street holding currency aloft, and before he could think, Sylvanshine said, 'Bizarre as this sounds, can either of you every so often hear--?'

'Mister Squishee,' now said the agent to his right in a baritone that didn't go with his body at all. 'Fourteen Mister Squishee iterant-route frozen confection S corp out of East Peoria trucks seized together with office facilities, receivables, and equity holdings of four out of the seven members of the family who owned what the Region's counsel convinced the Seventh Circuit was de facto a privately held S corp,' Bondurant said. 'Disgruntled employee, falsified depreciation schedules for everything from freezers to trucks like this here--'

  • the almost tragedy of requisitioning Mister Squishee ice cream trucks (and i believe the brand is related to Mister Squishy in the oblivion story) as IRS vehicles. something similar for the tech company? either they buy up some sort of symbol of the past (like banks, post office, manufacturing companies) or they get something seized by the IRS idk

or a reference to Square taking over the San Francisco Chronicle building, and someone seeing that as a symbol of tech eating the world (in a good way)

also the way they just call it an S corp (that's their primary way of classifying the world) is great. need to find something similar for people in MC's job. or Sean's job. classifying people he sees in the car next to him based on their customer profiles

—p.49 §7 (46) by David Foster Wallace 6 years, 10 months ago