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[...] the woman's claw on the steel armrest between them was a horrible sight that he declined to attend to. Old people's hands frightened and repelled him. He'd had grandparents whose hands he could remember in their laps looking alien and clawlike. Upon incorporation, Jones, Inc. issues common stock at a price in excess of its par value. It was difficult not to imagine the faces of those whose jobs were writing these questions. What they thought about, what their professional hopes and dreams were. [...]

Claude on the plane. idea for something in tech - customer journeys/profiles, by the marketing dept? maybe the Sean character

also, the way the two narratives are interspersed: inspiration for MC thinking about taxes (or something else very startup-focused) vs something very personal (the idea that his wife might cheat on him)

—p.12 §2 (7) by David Foster Wallace 2 years, 1 month ago