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[...] In Brenner’s account, however, the tech boom should be seen as only one component of the equity bubble of the late 1990s. That glorious surge was driven not by the advent of a new technological wave but rather by the codependent irrationality of markets intoxicated by the prospect of endless short-run returns and a Federal Reserve confident that it could make everybody feel wealthier (due to rising stock and real estate prices) without ensuring that some kind of underlying wealth was actually being produced. [...]

I think I encountered similar reasoning in a different (Verso?) book but it's worth saving it as a note cus I really had no idea about this until recently

citing 2 books by Robert Brenner: The Economics of Global Turbulence, and The Boom and The Bubble

—p.17 Chapter 1: Once in a Lifetime (7) by Richard Dienst 6 years, 11 months ago