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View terms by Tony Tulathimutte (34)
teleological »
the philosophical attempt to describe things in t…
dialectic »
a discourse between two or more people holding di…
realpolitik »
(noun) politics based on practical and material f…
lariat »
(noun) a rope used as a lasso or for tethering
nacre »
(noun) mother-of-pearl
View notes by Tony Tulathimutte (29)
morality incentivized
[...] yes, throwing parties for money was somewhat cynical,…
furiously disappointed in humanity
[...] For that, Cory was promoted from promoter to outreach…
because her boss died
In October, Cory was promoted again, because her boss died.
$5,000-a-plate fundraising dinners
[...] At the beginning, they threw $5,000-a-plate fundraisi…
just to depreciate the car
[...] "[...] I spent hours driving down Highway 1, not to r…

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