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weft »
(noun) a filling thread or yarn in weaving / (nou…
interstice »
(noun) an intervening space
variegated »
(adj) exhibiting different colors, especially as …
lacuna »
an unfilled space; a gap (plural: lacunae)
fulguration »
(noun) the act or process of flashing like lightn…
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it must make the everyday all primitive and strange
2.7 I’d met Madison, as I’ve already mentioned, two months …
it made me famous—relatively speaking
I wrote about all this. It made me famous—relatively speaki…
I took out all the revolutionary shit
[...] I stole a concept from the French philosopher Deleuze…
my job was to put meaning in the world
[...] While my supposed business, my “official” function, a…
what matters is what’s left when that attempt has failed
The Company’s logo was a giant, crumbling tower. It was Bab…