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View terms by Jeffrey Eugenides (9)
salutary »
(adjective) producing a beneficial effect; remedi…
peremptory »
(adjective) putting an end to or precluding a rig…
jejune »
(adjective) lacking nutritive value / devoid of s…
bulwark »
(noun) defensive wall
fulminate »
(verb) to utter or send out with denunciation / (…
View notes by Jeffrey Eugenides (37)
because she loved to read
Which was exactly what Madeleine wanted. She’d become an En…
it was sophisticated and Continental
[...] Going to college in the moneymaking eighties lacked a…
both insightful and horribly wrong
“Better cold than sentimental,” Thurston said. “Do you t…
who’s your father?
“Who’s _your_ father?” he asked Madeleine. “Is it Virginia …
resembled the emotion he was trying to simulate
What she hadn’t expected when it came to a fraternity was a…