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View terms by Jean Baudrillard (29)
parapraxes »
Freudian slip in Greek
autochthonous »
(adjective) indigenous native / (adjective) forme…
expiate »
atone for (guilt or sin)
abreaction »
(noun) the expression and emotional discharge of …
pharisaism »
(noun) the doctrines or practices of the Pharisee…
View notes by Jean Baudrillard (20)
this is where the rest of your life begins
After the best book, the most beautiful woman, or the fines…
the only solution to the drugs problem
The only solution to the drugs problem is to make drugs a u…
you who are already unreal
Who are you then, J.B., you who speak of simulacra, but a s…
the storage of pleasure
Storage of pleasure [_jouissance_] in the speculative circu…
intervening in one's own dreams
But from what point does one intervene in one's own dreams,…