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congeries »
(noun, singular) a disorderly collection; a jumble
catechism »
a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the ...
imbricated »
arranged (scales, sepals, plates, etc.) so that they over...
imprecate »
(verb) to invoke evil on; curse / (verb) to utter curses
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low-overhead, low-risk R&D
All the while, Martino's ultimate warning—that they might...
so far, they only lost one
[...] "Let me tell you what the worst thing would be. The...
what people like us call the city
"What parts of the city are you looking in?" "Oh, you ...
they were just solving a problem called payroll
The Ruby developer couldn't name a problem with payroll t...
something way bigger than myself
"After trying so hard for so long to get rich on paper," ...