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aubade »
(noun) a song or poem greeting the dawn / (noun...
espalier »
(noun) a plant (as a fruit tree) trained to gro...
eschatology »
the part of theology concerned with death, judg...
dialectic »
a discourse between two or more people holding ...
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historical underdosing and overdosing
*Historical Underdosing*: To live in a period of time whe...
isolated little cool moments
[...] it's not healthy to live life as a succession of is...
a forty-year-old man saying this
"Anyway, I remember I was working on a hamburger franchis...
the only reason we all go to work in the morning
"'God, Margaret. You reallyhave to wonder why we even bot...
the taint that marketing had given me
"All of this was to try and shake the taint that marketin...

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