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[...] However competent they may personally be, professional politicians who conform to the old model tend today to become structurally incompetent. The same media power accuses, produces, and amplifies at the same time this incompetence of traditional politicians: on the one hand, it takes away from them the legitimate power they held in the former political space (party, parliament, and so forth), but, on the other hand, it obliges them to become mere silhouettes, if not marionettes, on the stage of televisual rhetoric. They were thought to be actors of politics, they now often risk, as everyone knows, being no more than TV actors. [...]

—p.99 Wears and Tears (Tableau of an ageless world) (96) by Jacques Derrida 1 year, 1 month ago

The responsibility, once again, would here be that of an heir. Whether they wish it or know it or not, all men and women, all over the earth, are today to a certain extent the heirs of Marx and Marxism. That is, as we were saying a moment ago, they are heirs of the absolute singularity of a project--or of a promise--which has a philosophical and scientific form. [...]

—p.113 Wears and Tears (Tableau of an ageless world) (96) by Jacques Derrida 1 year, 1 month ago

[...] Capitalist societies can always heave a sigh of relief and say to themselves: communism is finished since the collapse of the totalitarianisms of the twentieth century and not only is it finished, but it did not take place, it was only a ghost. They do no more than disavow the undeniable itself: a ghost never dies, it remains always to come and to come-back.

—p.123 In the Name of the Revolution, the Double Barricade (Impure "impure impure history of ghosts") (118) by Jacques Derrida 1 year, 1 month ago

Unemployment, that more or less well-calculated deregulation of a new market, new technologies, new worldwide competitiveness, would no doubt, like labor or production, deserve another name today. [...] The function of social inactivity, of non-work or of underemployment is entering into a new era. It calls for another politics. [...]

—p.100 Wears and Tears (Tableau of an ageless world) (96) by Jacques Derrida 11 months, 1 week ago

Showing results by Jacques Derrida only