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On April 21, the Council met to make its decision. After perfunctory debate, it approved an ignoble document called Resolution 912. It was a veritable lexicon of diplomatic mendacity. First it proclaimed that the United Nations was "shocked," "appalled," and "deeply concerned" by the bloodshed in Rwanda and was determined "to remain actively seized of the matter." then came the blow. All peacekeepers were to be pulled out of Rwanda, except for 270 whose main job would be to observe the slaughter.

just thought this was hilarious cus it so perfectly sums up my own experience with the UN by way of MUN

—p.156 by Stephen Kinzer 5 years, 1 month ago

During one of his appearances as a witness at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Dallaire described the evacuation missions that foreign armies launched when the genocide broke out. He explained that soldiers rescued their own nationals but left Rwandans to die and called their conduct "inexcusable by any human criteria."

"It seems as though you regret that," his questioner observed.

"You cannot even imagine," Dallaire replied.

—p.279 by Stephen Kinzer 5 years, 1 month ago

Showing results by Stephen Kinzer only