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This Is Memorial Device
by David Keenan
March 18, 2023 - March 25, 2023 (read/fiction)

Keenan, D. (2018). This Is Memorial Device. Faber & Faber Social.

Faber & Faber Social, 2018. 304 pages. Paperback. 9780571340170

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the primordial soup of everyone else
It was like a walking frame or a wheelchair, a cr…
before you slide a ring onto my finger
I began to think of people not as individuals but…
the most beautiful woman I had ever seen
[...] There was a pair of thick floor-length brow…
made me melancholy for the first time
[...] What the hell (I was in Paris). Afterwards …
you genuinely can’t be arsed
SH: I worked in a shoe shop in Coatbridge for one…