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The Day Before the Revolution
by Ursula K. Le Guin

short story about the last day of Odo's life

K. Le Guin, U. (2007). The Day Before the Revolution. Zabalaza Books.

Zabalaza Books, 2007. 20 pages. ebook.

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the dry white flowers nodded and whispered
[...] She started up the second flight of stairs, one by on…
there were no more triumphs
[...] she could not share his delight. After a lifetime of …
one dribbles unashamed
Noi came in, just pausing in the open doorway — my God, she…
this is what we worked for
Amai had grown up in Odonian Houses, born to the Revolution…
age and illness made one dualist
[...] She had nothing of him at all except his name written…