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Simple Passion
by Annie Ernaux
March 28, 2023 - March 28, 2023 (fiction, memoirs, read)

Ernaux, A. (1991). Simple Passion. Seven Stories Press.

Seven Stories Press, 1991. 80 pages. Paperback. 9781583225745

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parvenu »
(noun) one that has recently or suddenly risen to…
being able to live out a passion
When I was a child, luxury was fur coats, evening…
I discovered what people are capable of
Whether or not he was “worth it” is of no consequ…
life’s little pleasures
Now it’s April. Sometimes I wake up in the mornin…
whether other people have done or felt the same t…
(Am I the only woman to return to the scene of an…
things for which I now felt aversion or indiffere…
IN FRONT OF people I knew, I tried not to betray …