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In the Shadow of the Yali
by Suat Derviş
Oct. 29, 2022 - Oct. 29, 2022 (read/fiction/women-and-their-dilemmas)

Derviş, S. (2021). In the Shadow of the Yali. Other Press.

Other Press, 2021. 336 pages. Paperback. 9781590510414

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calumny »
(noun) a misrepresentation intended to harm anoth…
peremptory »
(adjective) putting an end to or precluding a rig…
parvenu »
(noun) one that has recently or suddenly risen to…
following her around like a dog
And soon he was able to recall why he had come to…
Muhsin did not wish to be beholden to her
She lived for Muhsin and no one else. She devoted…
cutting the bonds of intimacy one by one
She could not say exactly how or when he’d been e…
in that case, don’t ever come again
Her eyes fixed on the mirror, she said: “If you a…
he’d discovered what money really was
But Ahmet was no longer the generous spender he’d…