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Bad Behavior
by Mary Gaitskill
Feb. 10, 2023 - Feb. 13, 2023 (read/fiction/women-and-their-dilemmas)

Gaitskill, M. (1989). Bad Behavior. Vintage.

Vintage, 1989. 203 pages. Paperback. 9780679723271

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desultory »
(adjective) marked by lack of definite plan, regu…
it’s like heaven
Magdalen put the steaks on the plates. Anne and V…
lighting up a sparkling flurry of dust flecks
They had egg sandwiches and fruit for lunch. Virg…
she couldn’t bear the thought of lying next to him
She slept on the couch in the den every night. At…
she withdrew from all these things
In confusion, she withdrew from all these things,…
the mere idea that somebody could be a victim
“Well, we wanted to see it because the actress ha…